The National Amateur Fall Baseball Federation (NAFBF) is the premier baseball organization in the United States, playing a short season in the Fall months of the year. (Late Aug.- Mid Nov) The NAFBF combines exceptional athletic training and competition with leadership education to empower student-athletes to achieve their full potential both on and off the field.
The NAFBF is founded by B. Colin Smith, a forty+ year veteran of amateur baseball, having served in multiple, executive roles. (AAU, CABA, USA Premier, NABF and AABC ) He has a 25 year coaching career, as well.
The NAFBF engages and supports a growing number of student-athletes and coaches, and has built strong relationships with diverse leaders and institutions committed to changing minds, lives and the status quo, across the public, private & nonprofit sectors, higher education, the community & beyond.
Building on strong & committed relationships forged over the years, The NAFBF officially joined the national amateur baseball family in 2017.
The NAFBF envisions shifting the national mindset and re-imagining pathways to success for youth. We believe in acting our way into a new way of thinking, not thinking our way into a new way of acting. We shine a spotlight on the limitless potential of our young people, on and off the field.
The NAFBF operates a powerful national Fall baseball organization that combines sports and leadership opportunities through a methodology that cultivates excellence, belief and love.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal Candidates
We have found that the best NAFBF Affiliate Owners typically have one oR more of the following work, or life experiences:
  • A parent that has guided their student-athlete through a team based sport (baseball, soccer, football, hockey, basketball, softball, volleyball and Lacrosse).
  • Someone who has volunteered to take on the responsibility to participate on a board of directors for a league or has coached.
  • A person who has knowledge in their market of the various leagues, organizations, clubs and schools for their sport of interest.
  • Professionals (current or former) with experience in brand marketing, sales or management and a love for sports.
  • Recreation Depts. looking to expand their community base.
If this description does not fit your experience base, then this will not be a good Affiliate Ownership choice for you. If it does, then you need to contact us immediately to get started on what may be the best decision of your life!

PHONE: 520-261-0602

You may like what you do now, but you know that your true passion is sports. You're at your best when you are talking about it, watching it, coaching it, or playing it! So why not use your sports knowledge and love for the game and turn it into the business you have always wanted?
NAFBF Affiliate Ownership is a home-based, low cost Affiliate opportunity. As an owner you will bring an innovative and powerful sports instruction and communication tool to leagues, schools, club teams and other related sport organizations throughout your community. What could be better then combining your passion and love for the game of baseball, with a business that allows you to make a measurable difference in helping amateur student-athletes, learn providing coaches with incredible teaching tools, and giving administrators a vastly more efficient way to manage team activities and communications and last but not least, helping student-athletes grow in their leadership skills while being able to continue playing the game they love.


John Wooden said "Sports don’t build character, they reveal it."  Other ways of saying that might be, “Sports reveal the character that coaches build in them, Sports provide the avenues where character can be revealed, or Character development is possible on the sport’s fields.” It is not sport that develops character, adults around the games develop the character in youth through the issues that sport present.

At NAFBF, we stress the development of character in our players. We provide them with tools that they can utilize in a self-help fashion. But the coach, the Affiliate Owner, the adults surrounding the athlete still have the greatest influence.

Affiliate Owners can teach

* Belief in Self – Through frustration and self-doubt, coaches teach players to  believe in themselves through thick and thin
* Belief in the whole – coaching teamwork by trusting in each other and having each other’s back is crucial to learning to work with others.
* Perseverance – often, there is more failure in baseball than success, so teaching a never give up attitude is important.
* Responsibility – coaching players to own up to their mistakes goes a long way in the maturation process of kids.
* Importance of communication – coaching kids to be themselves without fear of expressing themselves is another important coaching possibility.

When it comes to sports, NAFBF believes you have the opportunity to teach young people so many thing besides how to win. He believes it is an opportunity to teach them how to be a good person as well.

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About Affiliates

About Affiliates
National Amateur Fall Baseball Federation  disseminates its programs through our distinguished Affiliate Owners. Affiliate Owners are sports minded people that have a passion for the game of baseball and a heart for the young adults in their community.
Our Affiliate Owners offer student-athlete baseball leagues, evaluation clinics, and leadership classes for young men, ages 14-18. They also offer the participation in national tournaments that are highly scouted by college coaches.
Why are so many entrepreneurs drawn to the National Amateur Fall Baseball Federation Affiliate business opportunity? Aside from the appeal of sports and the ability to make a difference in the lives of kids, our model makes a huge difference in the lives of our Affiliate Owners and their families! NAFBF Affiliate Owners make money primarily through the registration fees paid by participants to play in our leagues, evaluation clinics, and programs. Our Affiliate Owners build market share and a have loyal following in the Fall of each year. In addition to registration fees, our Affiliate Owners generate supplemental revenue from local sponsor advertisements, concessions, merchandise and partnership fees.
An NAFBF Affiliate is a complete system for success providing all of the tools necessary to make each Affiliate thrive. Your Affiliate earning potential is truly dependent on your efforts; how aggressively you market, how many players and quality venues you offer each season, and the quality of the programs you provide all determine how big your Affiliate earning potential can be. Affiliates are created by counties. Obviously, the more populated counties are the most desirable. See the NAFBF website at

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Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Vermont

Regional Director:

Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, Michigan,

Regional Director:  Butch Griffin

N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Puerto Rico

Regional Director: Derek Darnell

Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska

Regional Director:

Wisconsin, Minnesota, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Hawaii

Regional Director:

Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California, Alaska

Regional Director:

Cost of an Affiliate

Cost of an Affiliate
Affiliates are defined by county borders. There is a flat rate fee per county, regardless of square miles or population of county. The fees are annual and due each year on the anniversary date. In the first year, there is an application fee. This is a one time fee, first year only.

Affiliate size range is one, two, three counties or four counties. These counties must be contiguous.

One County Affiliate Annual Fee is $200.00
Two County Affiliate Annual Fee is $350.00
Three County Affiliate Annual Fee is $525.00
Four County Affiliate Annual Fee is $650.00

*First Year Application Fee is $175.00

Affiliate Revenue

Affiliate Revenue
The National Amateur Fall Baseball Federation understands and appreciates the important role that the Affiliate Owners represent. It is with that in mind that NAFBF has designed a plan that allows a very large portion of the gross fees to  stay in the Affiliate. It is the goal of NAFBF, that Affiliate Owners gross between $150.00 to $200.00 per player registered to NAFBF in their Affiliate territory.

The designed plan in NAFBF, that every Affiliate Owner attracts 115-125 players in each division, per county.

Minor Division - Grades Freshman and Sophomore
Major Division - Grades Experienced Sophomore, Junior and Senior


Board of Directors

B. Colin Smith



Larry Jaskiel

Executive Vice President


Clarence "Butch" Griffin

Vice President

Harry "Tom" Holt

Vice President

Board of Advisors

Karima Mariama-Arthur

Chief Executive Advisor

Marques Colston


Dr. Matthew Raidbard


James Chester



Neil Anderson


Janine Woods


Grant Parr


Dr. Joe Hoedel


Dr. Sandra Owens


Bill Cole



You may apply to be an Affiliate at

There is much more available to you.......
1. A free website
2. An incredible co-op marketing plan
3. Plan to attract local and national sponsors
4. Comprehensive insurance policy
5. Membership to a prestigious and unique organization

........and much more!

Marketing Co-Op

Marketing Co-Op
The NAFBF proudly sponsors a co-op marketing plan to help our Affiliates reduce and control their marketing costs. The concept behind the co-op is to utilize a common story, grow through a greatly reduced monthly cost to marketing, and being very flexible in the actual marketing procedures. NAFBF also provides a Digital Media Specialist for all members of the co-op.
The Digital Media Specialist can help each Affiliate develop a Digital Media strategy, help with self-directed marketing, and also create and read the analytics as a result of the marketing occurring in each Affiliate.
The monthly cost of the co-op is $31.50 per month. Here is what you get for the monthly fee.
  • The NAFBF Newsletter which is currently sent to @60,000 baseball related Emails. The Affiliate may submit features for the Newsletter and embed the Newsletter on the Affiliate site and be utilized by the Affiliate database.
  • Access to the Digital Media Specialist for consulting purposes. (Up to three hours per month)
  • An excellent rate for a Digital Marketing Executive, according to this schedule:
  • Services for $25.00 per hour include: SEO. Branding, Brochures and PDF’s
  • Services for $30.00 per hour include: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Content Marketing, Publicity and Public Relations, Creative Blog Writing
  • Services for $40.00 per hour include: Animation and Virtual Reality, Conversion Rate Optimization, API Integration, and Marketing Management
Imagine what you could do if you could afford to have a full team of marketing professionals at your disposal... PPC Experts, Designers, SEOs, copywriters, programmers, strategists, advertising experts, video producers, social media gurus... all at your immediate beck-and-call to help you fulfill your vision. That would be like having your own in-house internet marketing agency, ready to fulfill your business vision.
Your Digital Media Specialist is Ben Jamieson at


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We make the invisible, visible and shine a spotlight on the limitless potential of our young people.